Brian joins Rachel Maddow to discuss Otero County’s audit of the 2020 election

New Mexico State Auditor joined the Rachel Maddow on January 27, 2022, to discuss his office’s investigation into Otero County’s audit of the 2020 election and potential improper contracting.

MADDOW: Joining us now is New Mexico state auditor, Brian Colon, whose office is looking into the contract in Otero County.

Mr. Colon, thanks very much for joining us tonight.

BRIAN COLON, NEW MEXICO STATE AUDITOR: It`s great to be with you, Rachel. Thanks for having me.

MADDOW: Did I get any of that wrong or is that any part of this that`s important to the story that I left out?

COLON: No, Rachel, I think you got it just exactly right. I didn’t know much about the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy from the story, but I think its excellent framing.

MADDOW: What prompted you and your office to open an inquiry over this contract? What sort of responsibility do you have for this type of county level expenditure?

COLON: You know, the beauty in New Mexico, we do have the office of the state auditor that oversees and audits government transactions and the expenditures of the taxpayers resources in our state. The important evasions we have at the office of the state of the resort special investigation divisions. And that`s really driven by engagement with the public when they have concerns about waste, fraud and abuse.