Why I'm Running

To Serve new mexico families as attorney general

I’m running for Attorney General to continue my lifelong work standing up for New Mexicans as the people’s lawyer. As State Auditor, I’ve protected our children and families, rooted out fraud, waste, and abuse, and held elected and public officials accountable when they break the law and abuse the system. As Attorney General, I will combat sexual and violent predators, attack gun violence, stomp out fraudulent schemes that target seniors and veterans, and prosecute greedy corporations that break the rules. Right now, more than ever, New Mexicans need someone they trust to fight for them.

Over the past three years, I have continued to protect children and families across the state, including holding elected officials accountable for their abuse of power and taxpayer funds, investigating Albuquerque Police for excessive overtime pay and lavish purchases, standing up for COVID patients and native communities by taking on the financial abuse and mismanagement of Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services in Gallup, and protecting our most vulnerable by overhauling the broken guardian and conservatorship system in New Mexico.

Like so many children in New Mexico, I grew up in poverty. I lost my father as a teenager, and so while I was the first in my family to go to college, and then law school, I also served as a protector for my mother, little brother and sister. I’ll bring that same determined commitment to every family in New Mexico – because I know what a difference it can make when you have someone fighting for you.